Flow Down

Seven days in heaven

Spark burn out so fast and

Only just for you, baby

Because there’s still fire burning in me


Made me break my own rules

Made me break down my own walls

I saw a road ahead

While you saw a dead-end


Like a thief in the night

Ruined everything in sight

Just because you changed your mind

All I ever wanted from you was goodbye


Said I was your baby at day one

Couldn’t wait how far we’d have to come

Got sucked in by your idea of forever

I was all under your water


Oh my love, you flow down on me

Drowning and filling me up

Hearing you say those words…

It was a wonderful world


Did any of it even matter to you?

Which part of you was true?







Why Emma Watson Ruined Beauty and The Beast For Me

I totally get the reason for her being casted as Belle. She’s clearly a real-life Belle – beautiful, educated, sophisticated, strong and independent. She’s definitely a good role model. BUT…the movie is a musical.

Everything about the movie was perfect, from cinematography, casting to script. However, when Emma Watson started singing I just felt very uneasy in my seat, I was cringing every time I heard that heavy autotune quality I’m quite familiar with from playing around with Garageband. Clearly, her editor had a hard time trying to hide it’s actually autotuned. It wasn’t even subtle autotune, it’s too much. They weren’t even trying hard to conceal it. It’s smack-in-your-face autotune.

I love Emma Watson (maybe not as much as other Potterheads do) but I just think her voice ruined the movie for me. It wasn’t really singing when she was doing it (especially during the first part of the movie). She merely spoke in a musical voice.

If they wanted Belle to sing, they could’ve just hired someone else to sing for her part, I really wouldn’t have mind. They could’ve at least blended hers with another singer’s voice (a la Zac Efron & Drew Seeley in HSM).


Why I Only Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook is now already a staple in every student’s life. Screw you, Facebook Groups. Even if you don’t give a rat’s ass about how someone spent his/her Christmas vacation, you’re like tied up to a chair and forced to witness someone eat a sushi because you clicked on that small blue F icon on your phone or robotically typed facebook.com the minute you opened your browser. Apart from its detrimental effects to the brain (its effects on focus and attention span), I’m going to list some reasons why I don’t like Facebook.

1. People seem to only find value in the things they do if they are able to share it.

Nothing’s wrong with wanting to share things about your life but some people just have the compulsion to post EVERYTHING. If they aren’t able to do so, the experience is just not complete.

2. People use it to secure themselves of their own relationships.

Maybe I am just good at finding something that I will criticize but there’s a fine line between celebrating your relationship together and using Facebook as a platform for your communication. Not everything needs to be out in the open. Don’t use Facebook to assure everyone, including yourself, that “you’re going strong”, only for you to share broody bitter posts about your ex three weeks later.

3. People don’t live in the moment anymore.

People live for the monopods and the likes they’ll get for the pictures they took. *ehem, concerts* You don’t have to document EVERYTHING!

4. People already have a first impression of you before having met you in the first place.

First impressions are no longer created upon first meeting but the first click on that name and a few scrolls down the timeline.

5. People keep comparing lives.

Because almost everyone’s lives are on it, it’s not difficult to make comparisons. When you make comparisons, you end up feeeling good or bad. Both are messed up. This is the reason why avid Facebook users develop depression. People only post what they want other people to see.

I guess if all else fails, there’s always the deactivate button there that I can click.

The Problem With Being An Independent Learner

Lectures suck. No matter how attentive I am, by the time I leave the room, 2-hour worth lecture is down the drain. It also doesn’t help when I am seated at the very back of a lecture room.

It used to work back in college when students never exceeded 40. But in med school, to me it’s pretty much a waste of time.

It’s not like the only things that will pop up in the exam are the ones being said the lecture. NO. You always have to read the book. So why bother listening to a powerpoint slide narration of your lecturer? Why can’t they just give out the powerpoints at the beginning of the semester and be done with it? Seriously! US med schools do it, and I’m pretty sure the quality of their produced physicians is the same if not better.

What is the deal with making attendance mandatory? Come on! Not everyone can learn in a room filled with at least 100 people. Not everyone can be an auditory learner. I, for one, learn best when reading or watching a video. Lectures just make me want to rip my head off of my body and throw it into the ocean. It’s a waste of time and energy.

Group discussions are great. Let’s leave the attendance-based grading there. Plus written exams, of course. But lectures just waste my time. It even makes my butt big. A lot of studies have proven that attention span of most people is very short! Why make us suffer from sitting in lectures?

I would be glad if med school was mostly home study and the only time I need to go meet up with other students is during group discussions and presentations.

Halfway The 1st Sem in Med School

They weren’t kidding when they said that med school entails sacrifice. You’ll never really know what the word means until you’re exactly in that position

It doesn’t just ask you to give up so much of your time (actually, ALL of your time) to study.

It asks you to give up the time you usally set aside for the ones you care about. Yes, if you’re good with time management, you can still see them but not as much as you’re used to.

It also asks you to be loyal. It should be your only focus, nothing else.

It asks you to stay out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t just ask you to come out of your comfort zone, it asks you to never go back there. Med school can be fun, yes, you can still do other fun things, but not as much as you’re used to. You can never go back to the time when you still had complete sleep before a major exam in college; to the time when you can just listen to a lecture and pass an exam without extra effort on your part, just functioning ears and a bit of logic and analytical skills.

All of those days are gone. You may be thinking, in a couple of years this will be over and my life can go back to what it was. NO. By the time “it’s over” (believe me, there’s no such thing as it’s over once you started it), you’re already past your walwal days. You can never get those years back. That is why you should really really want this enough.

Med school is not for the weak. Truly, it’s only for those who can’t imagine themselves doing something else. Had I been passionate about something else, I wouldn’t have thought of entering med school.