Hart of Dixie 2×8 | Achy Breaky Heart

The latest episode of Hart of Dixie aired a few days ago and words can’t express how upset I am for how it went.

First & foremost, Ruby decides to stay in Bluebell for a year. That being said, you’re pretty sure I’m already upset. Who wants Ruby Jeffries in that show? She’s a gold-digging ambitious bitch who’s better off somewhere else. And much to my dismay, Lavon hasn’t dumped her yet.

Second, Emily indirectly dumps Dr. Brick Breeland. I don’t really care about that subplot, but still, it annoyed me.

And lastly, Wade indirectly breaks up with Zoe. 😫 I was like NOOOO!The only thing I’ve been waiting for to happen ever since Season 1 was Zade. How dare you break my dreams in just 8 episodes?

So basically, Wade & George have “the talk” during a Children’s Camp and there, George asks Wade if he could date Tansy (Wade’s ex-wife) and of course, Wade disagrees, thinking that George is just going to make Tansy a “cover-up” for Zoe. But the situation turns around when George tells Wade that he knows about him and Zoe and that he doesn’t care.He also tells Wade that he shouldn’t feel like a “cover-up” in his relationship. Then, boom!! Wade thinks twice about being with Zoe.

Wade shows up at Zoe’s house and tells her that George knows but he doesn’t care. Zoe is obviously disappointed and Wade sees it, so he indirectly breaks up with her. I was like WHAT THE HECK, ZOE? What in the world was that? Can’t you conceal your emotions, for once? You have no idea how you’re breaking Wade’s heart.

I guess I know now why the title is like so.


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