Gossip Girl 6×10 FINALE | New York I Love You, XOXO

I know, I know, this is way too late to even write about but I’m going to talk about it anyway. I recently finished watching the very last episode of Gossip Girl. To be honest, I was already spoiled of the real identity of Gossip Girl even before I watched the episode but nevertheless, I still watched it. The whole thing hasn’t sunk in to me yet, it doesn’t seem real to me that Gossip Girl has come to an end.

Whoa. Dan is Gossip Girl. That’s basically all I’d like to talk about. Can you believe it? Lonely Boy IS Gossip Girl! It never really occurred to me that Gossip Girl’s one of them. I’ve always thought it was someone on the outside, an outcast, but it didn’t really occur to me that it could be one of the main characters. I had a couple of people in mind whom I thought was Gossip Girl, but Dan was never on the list.

1. Dorota

-It’s actually sensible since Dorota has always been everywhere and she could have the motives to bully these elite teenagers because they’ve been really mean to her, especially Blair.

2. Serena

-I’ve always thought of Serena as an attention whore so I guess it just makes sense that she’s Gossip Girl and that she bashes herself all the time so people could have the reason to talk about her.

3. Georgina

-That’s pretty self-explanatory. I’ve always thought that Gossip Girl had the personality of Georgina Sparks. Gossip Girl is a person who knows a lot about everybody, that’s more like Georgina.

I’ve watched Gossip Girl ever since, even back in high school and I can say that Dan being GG has its loopholes, but I guess I’ll have to watch the previous five seasons to point out what loopholes there are.

Anyway, moving on from the whole Dan is Gossip Girl, I’d like to express my feelings about how the show ended. I guess I can say that I am satisfied with how the writers created the conclusion to the whole series.

Chuck & Blair got married

I wasn’t surprised, AT ALL. It was a given. I guess GG fans have always known that CHAIR would be endgame, there’s no questioning that. The good thing about the whole marriage thing was that it was spontaneous and not too overdone, if you know what I mean.

Henry Bass

That’s just too sweet. I’ve never imagined Chuck being a father. More so with Blair being a mother. The idea is just too weird yet cute.

Georgina Sparks & Jack Bass

That was a clever idea, actually. Two conniving and scheming buttholes together.

Derena Wedding

I guess I longed for that moment even more than I did for Chair wedding, but anyway, it hasn’t always been clear to me whether or not Derena would be endgame because Serena has been going crazy for the past seasons of the series so to see the two of them together just makes me happy. I admit that I don’t like Serena, at all, but I do like Serena with Dan. I just think that they’re perfect for each other, they complement each other very well and I think that Lonely Boy deserves his It Girl.

That Serena ceremoniously walking down the stairs while Dan looked up at her worshiping her like an angel scene was the best scene in the episode, in my opinion.

I liked the way Serena felt when she found out Dan was GG. I liked that she understood where Dan was coming from and didn’t overreact. She understood that Dan only wanted to be inside to get his dream girl.

Overall, I was really pleased with the way the series had ended. I think the finale redeemed the whole 6th season. I’d been seeing the first episodes of the final season to be completely rushed, irrelevant and odd but with the way the season ended, I think I can still consider Gossip Girl as one of my most favorite TV shows of all time. It will always remind me of my own high school days.


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