Pretty Little Liars Rant

I’d start this post by saying that I cannot wait for the season to end. Not because I hate it but because I just want to know the truth.

A lot of things happened in the show ever since its Winter Premiere so I’m going to start off with Spoby.

1. Spencer finds out Toby is part of the A Team, (or is he?)

-Probably the most heartbreaking scene since the Aria-Ezra rain scene. Seriously! Come on, everybody loves Spoby. We all know how they are perfect for each other, how they’re meant to be. It just can’t be. Toby can’t be a real traitor. It’s either he’s trying to protect Spencer & the girls from Mona because Mona’s in love with him or he just wants to ruin A.

2. Ezra finds out about his son

-It’s sad that he found out in a really horrible way but anywho…Ezria is definitely on the rocks. I’m just really doubtful…is it really Ezra’s? Or that Maggie is just a golddigger? What happens to Aria now that Ezra’s off to meet his son?

3. Paige is cheating on Emily

-To be honest, I couldn’t care less about who Paige is dating but to think that she’s cheating on Emily?! No. Emily’s too nice to be cheated on. Something tells me that Paige is a really sketchy type of character. I can’t quite tell whether or not she’s on the good or bad side. Like I said, who cares about Paige?

4. Alison was preggers when she was killed

-The latest episode was telling us that there’s something about Alison being preggers that made her dead. We’re talking about the “hot beach boy” she’s talking about in her Biology notebook, whoever that is. But then again, this show never fails to divert our attention from the important stuff. Just like what they did with Byron. We thought he was involved, but no, apparently, he’s not really responsible for Ali’s death. I laud the writers for making it so difficult for the viewers to decipher who among the characters is good or bad. It’s just too difficult!

Alright, going back to Ali being pregnant. Cece (Ali’s bitchy grown-up friend) tells Emily that Ali could be pregnant when she was killed. I can’t quite believe that. But let’s see. Nothing is impossible in this show.


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