A Student’s Rant

I know that college students are supposed to be responsible, independent and diligent. And I am aware that teachers have their own jurisdictions and I respect that, really. What vexes me is when a teacher would say something and of course, as a responsible and diligent student, you follow whatever he/she says and then all of a sudden, he/she deviates from what he/she told his/her students to do.

We’re not geniuses, not even mind readers so if you instructed us to do something, make sure it REALLY is what you want us to do. Don’t make your students guess what’s going to happen next, get straight to the point and tell us what you really want. Don’t change your mind the last minute otherwise, things are going to get ugly.

If you’re a genius, good for you. But some people’s brains don’t function like yours! Understand that we’re students and we clearly do not know everything, that’s why you’re there, right? To TEACH. Try putting yourself in your students’ shoes then maybe you’d know that there’s something wrong with what you’re doing.

I’m not being self-righteous, I’m not saying I’m faultless, I know I have my own shortcomings. But your means of teaching is just…

Oh well. I better just shut up. I’m just going to wait for some divine intervention……….


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