Paramore the 2nd Time Around


Sorry for the horrible quality. My phone’s camera is so bad in low lighting.

Anyway, I’m fresh from Paramore’s concert at MOA Arena. I am just out of words. Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis & Taylor York owned the night. It was a night full of energy, angst, and letting loose.

No money can buy that experience. I enjoyed myself…probably too much. I squeezed myself into the sea of people in front of the stage, not caring about the heat, sweat, not to mention the SMELL. I didn’t care anymore. Being squeezed and pushed around are a part of the experience. I jumped to the beat of every song they played. I sang my heart out while banging my head like a rockstar. It was awesome.

The cherry on top of a huge cake was when Hayley’s water splashed all over me. I normally would have complained but this time, l felt like I was being splashed by some holy water or something. I felt alive. (I know that sounds weird and twisted)

PS: I’m happy for the girl who rocked out on the stage with Hayley during Misery Business. (Honestly, I’m jealous) But then again, she truly deserved every second on that stage. She was awesome, and sang and went crazy like how a real rockstar would.


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