Pretty Little Liars 3×21 | Out of Sight, Out of Mind


Since Maggie is out for an interview and Ezra is tutoring someone, Aria is left to babysit little Malcolm. But something happens…while Aria’s not paying attention when she is on the phone with a friend, Malcolm hits his chin on the floor and gets injured.

In the hospital, Ezra and Aria seem to have a fight and we’re not sure whether or not Maggie is okay with Aria being part of “the family”. I’ve always had doubts about Maggie. I’m not certain about her character. Something still tells me that Malcolm isn’t Ezra’s son. I still keep my fingers crossed in this.



            When Ashley hit Detective Wilden with her car, we cannot expect him to die just like that, right? And we’re right, his body is, once again, like other characters, missing. We all know who keeps his body. A. I wonder how this will affect Hanna and the girls. Hanna’s mom always seems to find a way to get Hanna into trouble, maybe she should leave Rosewood already.

Meanwhile, Hanna finds Wilden’s car in their garage and without any explanation, she and Aria are able to push the car into the lake. How in the world did that happen?



Spencer, being Spencer, followed Mona to the woods and found a dead man, who has a tattoo 901 Free at Last, whom we all think is Toby. We seriously CANNOT fall for this. Toby can’t be dead. Besides,  Spencer didn’t even take out the helmet from the dead man’s face so she’s not sure if it really is Toby.


            Upon seeing dead Toby, Spencer breaks down and goes cray-cray and she is brought to a mental institution, I’m thinking Radley. Well, I’m one of those people who would never ever believe that someone like Spencer would fall apart just because of that. I’m thinking, she makes it look like she’s crazy so she’d get into Radley and probably start snooping into the files and figures out things for  herself. We all know Mona was once in Radley and Toby was visiting her. I’m thinking it’s Spencer’s clever way of finding out the truth.


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