Pretty Little Liars 3×23 | I’m Your Puppet


That episode just blew me away. But probably not half as much as the Toby is A episode.


First of all, who wouldn’t fall for Wren? He’s a doctor. He’s super gorgeous. He has British accent. He’s like the epitome of  a perfect man. But moving along…this episode just makes him look shady, as if he’s trying to conceal something that might get him into trouble. I’m sure he’s not helping the A team, or Toby, or Mona, I just think he’s hiding something that could help everyone solve the problem.


I never trust Melissa. You are crazy if you do. Ever since the beginning of the show, Melissa is portrayed as someone so mysterious and shady. I’m even thinking that she could be part of the A team if not the master of the A team. I’ve always thought she secretly hated Spencer and the girls, and especially Alison. I’ve always thought that she and Alison had a past  that probably started her hatred towards Ali. 

Clearly, with what the episode had shown us, Melissa isn’t innocent. She asked Cece Drake to visit Mona when she was in Radley. Come on, what is up with that?! She’s clearly up to something. Or maybe the writers are just trying to confuse us but whatever.


Seriously?! Who buys this plot? Toby cannot be dead. I’m just sure of it. If he’d be dead, they would’ve showed us how, why, when, bla bla bla. But obviously, they didn’t. They just showed us a dead body with his tattoo on it, then we’re left to assume it really is him. Come on, it’s Pretty Little Liars, no one is forever dead.


Whoa. Whoa.

That was unexpected. The moment I saw Spencer holding that black hoodie in her arms, I knew…I knew. But I wasn’t really scared or worried about it, she’s probably just looking for a way to find out who is. Spencer can’t really be part of it. That would be crazy. She’s like A’s nemesis, she can’t be on her side.

Something about this show makes every character shady and weird. But nonetheless, I’m still looking forward to that scene where Spencer unmAsks the girl in the red coat/hoodie/jacket whatever. Last episode of the season next week! I’m so stoked!


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