Why Ezra is A | My Pretty Little Liars Theory

We all have our own As in our mind but personally, I think it’s Ezra Fitz. I’m 90% sure of it. Make fun of this post later when you find out it’s not him, but I swear, I could feel it. Ezra is not just an ally, or a helper, or a worker, he is A.

You might ask why:

He’s too nice to be in the show.

No one can be that nice for a show like this. Everyone, and when I say everyone, literally everyone, has done something really crazy in the show. He’s never really shown as a guy who does bad things, he’s always portrayed as the good guy. And something about it is just so fishy. He’s never done anything bad, has he? If he has, let me know, but as far as I know, he hasn’t really done anything bad at all. How can someone be such a saint? There has to be something that he’s keeping. I think the writers are trying to make him seem like he’s harmless so we wouldn’t suspect on him.

Nothing bad has happened to him yet.

Ezra hasn’t done anything bad ever. And nothing bad has happened to him ever, too! That’s not a coincidence! Nothing is a coincidence in the show!

Nothing bad has happened to Aria ever.

Except for the Halloween episode where she was locked in a box with dead Garett, I’m pretty sure, nothing major has happened to her yet. Compared to what happened to Spencer, Hanna & Emily. I can’t really say that Aria is on the A team, but Ezra’s probably keeping her safe because Ezra is A!

He always seems to be away when something bad happens and shows up clueless afterwards.

Evidently shown in the Halloween episode. Come on! It’s a train, you can’t just make it stop and hop in it when you want to! He shows up after Aria is locked up in the box. He’s probably checking up on her whether or not she was hurt or scared. He’s just showing up randomly, it’s really weird.

Also in the latest episode, when Maggie calls Ezra and asks him to pick up Malcolm, then Ezra ends up asking Aria to pick him up instead because he was having an interview??? What an excuse! He probably kidnapped his son to scare Aria.

My theories:

Ezra is a member of the N.A.T. club

As we all know, Ezra is just around the age of Melissa, Jason, Cece, Garett and all those people. There is a huge possibility that he already knew them before. He’s probably part of the club. F0r all we know, Melissa and Ezra know each other and are just keeping their mouths shut about it.

Ezra and Alison met before

If Ezra is A, there is only one reason why he’s after the four girls. He and Alison met before. I’m not quite sure why, how, or whatever, but he probably knew about her way before he hooked up with Aria.

A is rich because Ezra is rich

We all know Ezra is a Fitzgerald and he’s bigtime. That explains where A gets her (his) money from to pay for his minions and technology he uses to terrorize the girls.

But then again, there’s still the theory about Alison having a twin, Courtney (just like in the books). Also, in the Halloween episode, Alison tells a story about twins to the kid she’s babysitting which could be seen as a clue, but I’m not quite sure. The writers are just probably messing up with our head. I don’t think they’re going to follow the way of the books. It would just be too corny and boring if they did. I’m really crossing my fingers that Ezra is the real A. Imagine how surprised we would be if we saw him in a black hoodie?


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