Pretty Little Liars 3×24 | A Dangerous Game


What an episode! Pretty Little Liars has never failed to give us surprises. The past few episodes have been really intense and this conclusion to the third season didn’t help at all. I’m actually even more frustrated. Who the hell is that byotch in the red coat? And please, don’t take the direction of the books: Don’t make Alison have a twin! I think the show would be pointless if they did that. I’m looking forward to A being one of the main characters. The writers once told us that The Big A is someone we’ve already seen in the Pilot. He/she’s not just going to pop out of nowhere. A has always been there all along.



It’s Season 1 all over again. Ezra decides to take his job at Rosewood High and because of this, Aria breaks up with him. Their relationship is going down the drain anyway, there’s no point in continuing. But then gain, I will always have this idea in my mind that Ezra is A.



We finally see Spencer in the very infamous black hoodie when she goes to a restaurant to meet up with Toby. We find out that Spencer was actually the one who kidnapped Malcolm. This is as to make Aria & Ezra break up to get Mona’s trust.


Spoby fans, rejoice! I’m a huge Spoby fan and this episode has fulfilled all my supressed desires for the past episodes that Toby hasn’t been in. I missed Toby and Spencer together but this episode has made up for the loss.

ANYWAY, we find out in this episode that Toby just agreed to be part of the A team to protect Spencer. We’ve been right about him all along! They have their moment in some motel.


I don’t even know how to spell her name.

Apparently, Shana is somehow related to Jenna, not biologically, I suppose. But regardless, I’m thinking Shana is just created by the writers to divert our attention, and of course, prolong the show. It was revealed that Jenna and Shana were the ones who helped Wilden when he was hit by Ashley’s car. I’m guessing it’s another subplot, but I don’t really care.


Melissa has always been shady. We see her in the episode talking to Jenna and Shana. What is up with this girl anyway? She’s already old, why can’t she just let it go?


What can I say about Mona? She’s a lunatic. This episode has given us a complete view on Mona. She’s not just conniving with A to terrorize the girls. She’s doing it because she wants to see who the girl in the Red Coat is.

We find out that no one has ever seen the girl in the Red Coat ever.


I believe we’re all baffled with how the season wrapped up. Emily, Aria, Spencer & Hanna have always had hallucinations of Ali being alive. Now, we’re no longer certain whether or not Ali’s just a hallucination. She could be alive, right? It could also be her twin. We are clearly not sure. If Alison is A, then why would she burn the house down and save the girls in the end? That’s twisted.

*long, pathetic sigh* No hot, British-accent doctor for us this final episode.

What can I say? 4th season is going to be a very long wait. I just want to know who that red coat person is. It could be anyone. But I will always believe that it’s Ezra wearing an Alison mask. Happy waiting!



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