The Carrie Diaries 1×13 (Season Finale) | Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

Before watching the episode, I didn’t even know it was the season finale because it’s just the 13th. Anyway, now I’m having doubts about the show, whether or not it’s going to be renewed. Ratings are bad so I’m guessing it’s really goodbye Carrie Bradshaw.


Sebastian told Maggie that he thought Walt was gay so she asked him and Walt admitted to it. Maggie blamed Walt’s homosexuality for her being a whore, for her hooking up with a police guy, and for her screwing up her life. Seriously, someone has to kill Maggie.


First of all, this Doritt is just what, 15? She met a “cute” guy named Miller (which by the way if you ask me is NOT cute at all) at a record store where she shoplifted some tapes. Doritt realized she and Miller had the same taste in music and of course, she was so happy. So after Miller continuously told her that she was beautiful and a great girl for a short period of time, she started thinking that she loved him. Due to the fact that “he loved her”, she asked him to have sex with her and the dude refused because he wanted to wait but this whore just wouldn’t back down so they did it anyway.

I wasn’t happy about this, at all. But who cares?


The episode started off with Carrie and Sebastian getting back together after they broke up in what seemed like less than a day. It should’ve ended here but no, the drama’s just beginning. Maggie accidentally told Carrie that she and Sebastian saw Carrie’s dad sneaking around with another woman. Of course, Carrie got mad, talked about trust and blablabla and broke up with Sebastian. This was the peak of Carrie being an annoying, selfish girlfriend. But the drama still doesn’t end there.

The night of prom, Sebastian and Maggie, both drunk and lonely, did something I don’t even know what. But of course, Carrie being Carrie, she realized she actually wanted Sebastian and went straight to his house to make up and they both spent the night lying in each other’s arms (which if you ask me is really weird, cheesy, pathetic and annoying).

The next day, Maggie told Carrie about what happened between her and Sebastian so Carrie unfriended Maggie. Sebastian showed up at Carrie’s house but she didn’t want to talk to him which meant they broke up again. And that was the end for Carrie and Sebastian, unless the show’s going to be picked up for Season 2.


What the hell? Seriously? Episode 12 gave me hope for the show but the finale just ruined the whole thing. It’s like the writers just threw the whole thing into the trash.

If ever the show’s going to be picked up for 2nd season, it would be about Carrie and Walt’s summer adventure in New York. Probably about Sebastian, too? Or another Sex & the City character? I highly doubt it’s going to renew, the finale was the series wrecker.


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