The Mortal Instruments Book 5 : City of Lost Souls

I cannot insist enough on the fact that this series should’ve ended with City of Glass. I initially wasn’t planning on finishing the book when I first got it July last year but since it’s summer I figured I should give this book a try. And I am going to say this once again: It should’ve ended with Book Three.

I love the series and I think it’s one of the most unique ones out there. I know it’s very well-loved by its readers and it’s hard to say goodbye but it sucks that the story has to continue this way. City of Glass has gave us the conclusion and a very good one so when City of Fallen Angels came out I was really pissed off. I know the series is so popular and making so much money but it really sucks when a supposedly Trilogy suddenly becomes a series of God knows how many books.

City of Lost Souls is basically about Clary and friends finding a way to separate Jace and Sebastian. That was over 500 pages of nonsense—Clary “not giving up” on Jace, Simon & Isabelle trying to be a “couple”, and Sebastian being an ass. It was 500 pages of trying to figure out how to kill Sebastian without killing Jace and to be honest, I got fed up with the whole saving Jace thing. It’s been there for the whole series, it’s got to stop! Now, Clary found a way to separate Jace from Sebastian and free him from whatever evil he has in him by killing him with Archangel Michael’s sword…guess what? There’s another problem, AGAIN! Isn’t this whole saving Jace, killing Jace, resurrecting Jace ever going to stop? I’m seriously pissed off.

But then, no matter how much I’m disliking the books, I’m still going to look out for City of Heavenly Fire, the conclusion to the series which will come out some time in 2014. I guess it’s worth reading since I’ve been reading these books since 2009. I’ve got nothing to lose.


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