Hart of Dixie Season 2 Finale | On The Road Again

First of all, I’m glad that Hart of Dixie got picked up for a third season so woohoo! That means I still have something to look forward to. Second of all, I LOVED THE SEASON FINALE! It wasn’t really the kind of episode where there would be huge shocking revelations, it’s just a really great conclusion (and a cliffhanger) to the season. 

The episode begins with George finding Wade in Zoe’s bedroom, which is just like what we saw during the first season’s finale. Now that everything’s confusing for Zoe, she decides to spend the weekend in New York. This weekend getaway turns into a summer getaway when she decides to work in New York to improve her surgical skills. On the plane, Zoe saves a dying man, together with Jonah.

We see the possibility here of having a love square now that Jonah seems to be popping everywhere Zoe is, just like when she was on the plane. Also in the episode, Zoe and Wade finally have the talk after the breakup. They’ve broken up for some time already but we never really saw them talk about it, so in this episode, they talk things over and Wade is heartbroken to hear that Zoe is going to be away for the whole summer. Meanwhile, George is off with Lilyanne on some concert tour and Lemon telling Lavon that she is happy for him and Anabeth (which we know is not true). And then, the episode wraps up with Jonah accompanying Zoe at a wedding in New York. That gives us a hint that we’ll probably see more of Jonah in the third season.

I’m just excited about the show. The past episodes of the second season haven’t really been as interesting as the ones before, but I think the third season is going to be really good now that we have a “love square”. It’s going to be more complicated too. For the first time, I’m not shipping any couple in this show.


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