The Vampire Diaries 4×22 | Walking Dead

I’d have to say that this was a really breathtaking episode. I know that every TVD episode is a breathtaking one but this one is definitely more intense than the usual episodes. On the episode before the Season Finale, Bonnie finally lifts the veil from the Other Side. This allows all the dead supernatural creatures to come back to Mystic Falls. We see Jeremy, Alaric, Lexi, Kohl, and a bunch of Hunters again.

Anyway, I’m going to discuss every major event in the episode. We’ve got a lot.

Elena almost kills Katherine

Now that Elena is back to her old self again, her humanity turned on, she focuses on rage. Rage against Katherine. She almost kills Katherine only if Stefan hadn’t stopped her. Apparently, he had to stop her because Katherine’s linked to Bonnie and they’re basically connected. Kill one and you kill the other.

Silas’ turns to stone

Bonnie realizes that Expression is a very strong and powerful magic so she finally puts a stop to Silas’ mind-control games by turning him into stone. Back to his original state. Now the only problem is for them to find a place where human blood is inexistent so he wouldn’t rise again.

Bonnie lifts the veil

Bonnie gets the tombstone stained with Qetsiyah’s blood from Katherine to complete the ritual of lifting the veil. Veil being lifted means bringing back all the dead supernatural creatures. Alaric reunites with his best buddy, Damon. Meanwhile, Kohl (who was killed by Jeremy and Elena), wants revenge and tries to kill Elena but is saved by Jeremy. Stefan sees Lexi again. Rebecca reunites with her vampire hunter ex-boyfriend, and The Five.

Bonnie Is Dead

After Bonnie uses Expression to freeze Silas’ body to stone, she’s full of herself and channels all the spirits to bring back Jeremy. We then see Bonnie and her Grams, staring at dead Bonnie’s body. Now, there’s really no problem about Bonnie being dead, except that the veil isn’t brought back up yet. That means all the dead supernatural creatures would be around for long. Who knows, they could pay a visit at Mystic Falls High School Graduation? Now I suddenly wish Elena just killed Katherine.

Damon gets the cure

After Bonnie turns Silas into stone, Alaric finds the cure in his pocket and gives it to Damon. It’s ironic how the person who doesn’t want the cure gets it. The major question is, is he going to give it to Elena? If he gives it to Elena, she’s probably going to rush back to Stefan and he’s left alone just like the old times.

HUGE MYSTERY: Did Bonnie freeze the right guy? 

So we think that the Alaric they froze up was Silas…what if it’s not Silas and really is Alaric? They froze up the wrong dude. That really makes sense, how did Alaric get the Cure from Silas?


Now on to the little details I noticed in the episode.

No Klaus

There is no sign of Klaus since he’s currently in New Orleans. He’s probably coming back to Mystic Falls for Caroline’s graduation. *crossed fingers*

Stefan-Caroline vs Klaroline

Now, this is really weird. I’m not sure if the writers are trying to bring up the whole subject but I think it’s really insanely weird. When Lexi reunites with Stefan, she teases Stefan by saying that Caroline is cute. I hope that minor detail doesn’t mean a thing because Stefan-Caroline is just weird. I’ve read that there’s not a possibility that we could ever get a glance of Klaroline since Joseph Morgan (Klaus) is leaving TVD for the new series The Originals. That means Klaus would be off TVD and there would be no Klaroline.


I’ve read some clues and spoilers about the Season Finale, and here are the things we should be expecting to see in the Finale.

1. Someone dies

2. Someone takes the cure

3. Bonnie remains dead in the Finale – (E! Online) Bummer, right?

4. Elena picks a Salvatore – To be honest, I really don’t care. She’s decided so many times already I don’t even give a crap anymore.

We’re basically left with a lot of questions like: Is Bonnie really dead? Will Silas wake up again? Will Damon give Elena the cure? Or will he take it himself? Who becomes human again?


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