The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale | Graduation

After four long adventure-packed seasons, Elena Gilbert, Caroline Forbes and Bonnie Bennett are already graduating! Can you still remember the Miss Mystic Falls pageant from Season 1? I know, it seems like forever ago. Now let’s talk about the Season 4 finale. If you think that there can never be any more breathtaking episode than the Season 3 finale? Then you’re wrong. TVD writers never seem to fail us with every episode. Season 3 finale left us with Elena waking up as a vampire. Now Season 4 finale has left us with so much more cliffhangers!

Delena ❤

Finally, we get the Delena moment we’ve always wanted. If you can remember, Elena chose Damon early Season 4 but Delena fans were never satisfied because Elena only chose him because of the Sire bond. Now that Elena is her old self again and chooses Damon, I’m sure that Delena fans could already be pacified. Now the question is…what happens next? How do they move on from there? Elena’s already a college girl and will she move with Damon? Will they go to college together? What?


As I mentioned in my previous TVD post, I really don’t care about Delena as much as I did before anymore. Why? Because there is a much more interesting plot: Klaroline. In the Season 4 finale, Klaus comes back to Mystic Falls for Caroline and as a graduation gift (don’t forget Caroline is the class valedictorian) Klaus gives Tyler back his freedom. He tells Caroline “He’s your first love, I intend to be your last. However long it takes.” 

Now, the big problem is now that Joseph Morgan is off to his new series The Originals, that means he won’t have ample time to shoot for TVD. Does that mean Klaroline is over? Is that the conclusion to our long-awaited love team?

Jeremy comes back from the Dead

As Bonnie put up the veil again, she brings back Jeremy to life. I’m glad he’s back because Elena seems so miserable without any living relative by her side. I never liked him that much before but I’m glad he’s back and ready to kick ass.

Stefan-Silas Doppelganger Drama

This is where all the shock takes place. Stefan is Silas’ doppelganger. Whoa, right? Apparently, Elena & Katherine aren’t the only doppelganger pair. After Silas explains to Stefan all that doppelganger thing, he locks Stefan in a box and throws it into the ocean. Poor Stefan. After being dumped by Elena, he’s dumped by Silas.

Katherine becomes human

Let us take a moment and absorb this. As much as I want Elena to be human again, I’m glad that Katherine was the one who got the cure. I wonder how Katerina Petrova would be without power, strength and immortality. That’s something to look forward to in the next season.


What can I say? I am once again left to wait for the next season. It has been a very good season. Cheers to all the hardworking and talented and creative writers of TVD!


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