How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Finale | Something New

And we finally meet the Mother! HIMYM has been airing for over 8 years now and it was only on May 13, 2013 that we finally see who this mysterious Mother is. The Mother is played by a rather unknown celebrity (Cristin Millioti). I don’t know about any of you but I was expecting a big celebrity here since the identity of The Mother or Ted’s The One or The Girl With The Yellow Umbrella has been so hyped about for the past eight seasons. I was expecting maybe…a Natalie Portman? Or someone really really big. But of course, the writers must have a very good reason for choosing Millioti to play the role.

The ninth season will be, sadly, the show’s last. It’s funny because the whole season will revolve around Robin & Barney’s wedding weekend at Farhamptons. Now, we still do not know whether or not this wedding is pushing through but what we do know is that Ted-Robin is not endgame. It has been revealed in the series’ Pilot that Robin isn’t the mother of Ted’s kids so we don’t have to guess anymore.

Will Lily and Marshall move to Italy? Will Marshall be a judge? Will Robin and Barney get married? Will Ted move to Chicago? How exactly did Ted meet The Mother?

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