What’s Common? : The O.C., One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl



Recently, I’ve noticed some similarities in some of my favourite teen drama shows. I just want to point them out. In case you don’t know, Gossip Girl is created by the same people who created The O.C. There’s no wonder why these two shows could be alike but I’ve also found some similarities with One Tree Hill.


The It Girl – in the context of the girl who’s always chased by the boys

One Tree Hill: Brooke

The O.C.: Marissa (or Summer)

Gossip Girl: Serena

Broody, mysterious  guy – the guy who’s very deep

One Tree Hill: Lucas

The O.C.: Ryan

Gossip Girl: Dan

Parents’ unresolved romantic affairs

One Tree Hill: Karen, Keith, Dan, Deb

The O.C.: Kirsten, Julie, Jimmy, Sandy

Gossip Girl: Lily, Rufus

Socially-awkward but cute guy – the guy who’s not usually the one girls are going for but is cute and smart

The O.C.: Seth

Gossip Girl: Dan

The girl who’s in a crappy relationship with a jerk – and later meets the broody guy and falls for him

One Tree Hill: Peyton (with Nathan)

The O.C.: Marissa (with Luke)

The girl everyone thinks is dumb but is actually not – the misunderstood pretty girl

One Tree Hill: Brooke

The O.C.: Summer

Gossip Girl: Serena

The annoying pretty girl who has issues – the girl who doesn’t know what she wants and is rebellious

One Tree Hill: Peyton

The O.C.: Marissa

Gossip Girl: Serena

The badass – who turns out to be a nice guy

One Tree Hill: Nathan

The O.C.: Luke

Gossip Girl: Chuck



One thought on “What’s Common? : The O.C., One Tree Hill & Gossip Girl

  1. a major similarity is the Dan loved Serena from the moment he first saw her, watched her for years when she didn’t even know his name, and then finally got the nerves to talk to her junior year. This is almost identical to Peyton and Lucas’ dynamic.

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