The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones Movie

I’d like to write this post while I’m in the midst of a hangover. I was supposed to watch it yesterday (opening day) but blame it on the hurricane I am one day late. You can imagine my agony since I have been waiting for this movie to come out for four years.

There’s nothing more satisfying than to see your favorite book come in to life for us readers. I do not know really why but I think it is about the feeling of comparing the images in your head while you were reading the material to the images that formed in other people’s minds.

To begin, I’d like to say that I’m really satisfied with the actors they picked to play although some of them are not really good actors. Lily Collins, appearance-wise is very suited for the role and so is Jamie Campbell Bower. Last year I remember fans ranting in forums about him playing the role, some are begging for Alex Pettyfer to take it (he turned down the offer) but I think Bower is a much more suited character. Pettyfer, to me, is very broody, soft and let’s say unfresh. (I got tired of seeing him playing lead roles in so many movies). Cassandra Clare (author of the books), even professed her delight with Jamie being cast for the role. She watched Jamie’s audition and said that “He’s Jace! and indeed he is! The cherry on top is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I can’t even begin to explain my joy over this. My very own King Henry VIII as a villain! He was not exactly what I had in mind when I was reading the books but I figured he’d be so much better.

A pet peeve for bookworms like me is seeing the film adaptation and notice the lack of the essential details. (You know, your favorite parts of the books are suddenly just skipped?!) Of course, films cannot really compress hundreds of pages into a 2-hour length so it’s forgivable. I am happy with their choice of details to incorporate in the movie, especially the very famous greenhouse scene. I can’t even. *choke*

I was also pleased with the choice of music. Heart by Heart – Demi Lovato made the greenhouse scene even more powerful than it actually is. The rest of the songs from the official soundtrack are very good too.

All in all, I wouldn’t say it is the best movie in the whole world. I think straight and I know the flaws of the movie (the many flaws). I think you would not appreciate it as much as the readers if you have not read the book. There are certain information (The Clave, the Downworlders, Angel Raziel, etc) that were not explained so much so it would seem very vague to some viewers. Some might even find it confusing. The movie lacked something and was probably very typical of fantasy movies but entertainment-wise, it’s A++++. If you are going to ask whether it’s better than Twilight, then yes, it is. It is so much better plot-wise, cast-wise, music-wise. Overall.

Now I have to make a countdown for the City of Ashes movie…


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