Why Ezra Is A Part 2 | My Pretty Little Liars Theory

I’ve posted my Why Ezra is A Theory (last March) if you want to see the way I looked at things before.


I could barely even remember the first time I suspected Ezra of being A. I don’t know if this is something everyone didn’t expect or just didn’t want to expect because Ezra is such a babe. Watching the summer finale ignited a million different feelings inside of me. I didn’t know if I should be happy because my instincts were right or be sad because Ezra is the bad guy.
If you haven’t known, the summer finale of Season 4 revealed Ezra as A. Although I have anticipated that way before, seeing it happen before my eyes is still different. Now that we know it’s him, we’ll have to think of reasons why. It’s not like the writers just decided to make him A without actually building up the plot to lead to that conclusion.

1. Ezra and Ali dated.
Now that it’s revealed that Ezra is A, it is not an impossibility that Ezra dated Ali. If you haven’t known, Ali is alive. (Another shocker!) Ezra could be the one torturing/stalking Ali the whole time and since Ali is nowhere to be found, Ezra is taking it out against her best friends.

2. Ezra plotted his meeting with Aria.

Ezra has his own reasons for being A, reasons which we do not know yet. I know for sure that it was not fate that brought Ezra to Aria. He probably threw himself at her knowing how vulnerable she was. This is so he could get inside her life and mess with her but things didn’t turn out the way he expected. He probably fell for her. (Hopefully)

3. Ezra is rich. A is rich.
Again, reiterating the same point I have made on my previous post, Ezra Fitz (Fitzgerald) is pretty big time. We know that A is big time too since he’s been doing all these stalking and gift-giving for so long already he must have some money.

Now the ultimate question forming in the deepest corners of my brain (and soul)…does Ezra really love Aria? More than that, does Aria know?

Most probably, Aria does not have any idea about Ezra’s life. His life prior to Rosewood is still unknown. We know tidbits of his past life like his romantic affair with Maggie, his name changing from Fitzgerald to Fitz, his attendance at Hollis College (remember the episode when Ezra and Aria really first met, when Aria bumped into Ezra at Hollis) but apart from that, we never really got to know this guy. We just know that he is a very attractive, deep, and intelligent English teacher.

On a different view, (this might seem irrelevant) but in the opening credits of the show, it is Aria doing the “ssshhh”. It could be because Ezra is A. It could be because she knows. But I think she doesn’t know. It would be exciting to see her find out.

Does Ezra love Aria? I think yes. This will make Ezria a very epic love story. I think Ezra deeply cares for Aria in his own twisted way.

1. Ezra set up Noel in Season 1. He planted the exam answer keys in his locker.

2. At the Halloween train, Ezra was like a knight in shining armor who magically appeared out of nowhere.

3. Just lately, Mike’s friend’s (who spread nasty rumors about Aria) car was trashed. Before that scene, we see Ezra looking at Aria from the outside.


If you have your own theory, comment them down below.


2 thoughts on “Why Ezra Is A Part 2 | My Pretty Little Liars Theory

  1. Great post, a lot better than most of the overly negative posts out there today about the episode! I too had suspected Ezra for a while and so was not in any way shocked by the reveal but more happy to have been right for once.

    I am really interested to see how they play out the whole ‘does Aria know?’ situation because there is and has always been a lot of evidence to suggest that Aria might be A. He does definitely have strong feelings for Aria and I think that conflicts with his plans a little bit in the sense that he doesn’t want to target her specifically. I do also strongly believe that he was romantically involved with Ali as well because this whole time it never really made sense for him to be at the funeral until now.

    I really liked this reveal, I really liked your post and have followed you because I’d love to keep up to date with your future theories! 🙂

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