The Vampire Diaries 5×03 | Original Sin

Just when I thought this show couldn’t get any more interesting, Episode 5 : Original Sin airs and blows my mind all over again just like the past seasons. Usually, when writing about episode reviews, I break down all the important and shocking details in an episode but in this case, I could barely keep track…it’s like every scene is just so mindblowing.

Not gonna lie, I got really bored with the first two episodes because I felt like the story was heading nowhere. This particular episode has changed basically everything – many lingering questions are answered and the historical flashback cleared things up once and for all.

Seeing Stefan in a Julius Caesar-kinda costume just cracked me up. It’s just fun to see these characters in different eras, wearing really weird costumes.

Now on to the details,

1. We finally meet Qetsiyah.

I never really thought we’d meet her but with this show, we never really see anything coming. One thing for certain is she is a raging crazy bitch.

2. Silas’ lover is Elena’s doppelganger.

With that being said, Qetsiyah explains to Damon that for the past 2000 years, she has watched Stefan and Elena’s doppelgangers find their way each other and fall in love. To be harsh, Delena doesn’t stand a chance.

What is it with this show and doppelgangers? I feel like with the latest seasons, The Vampire Diaries title seems already inappropriate. They might as well change it to Doppelgangers.

3. Travelers?

The show’s writers are really good in making up supernatural creatures. We’ve had vampires, werewolves (who seem to be missing in action because of the spin-off The Originals), witches, hunters, doppelgangers, Silas, now travelers? Apparently, the earliest gifted creatures (e.g. Silas, Qetsiyah, Silas’ lover (Amara)) are called travelers.

4. Katherine’s blood is The Cure

There’s still hope for Elena being human again after all. I guess that’s all I’ve always wanted ever since she Turned into a vampire. It turns out, the reason why Silas wants Katherine is because of the cure – her blood is the cure for immortality. That’s really interesting. I wonder how the writers would put it: does it mean many people could be cured by sharing Katherine’s blood or only one person could be cured by draining Katherine of her blood?

Now on to the shady people,

1. The college guy who keeps on showing up

I don’t know his deal but I bet he’s on to something.

2. Applied Microbiology professor

Clearly, he knows about the supernatural because he knows Elena’s father.

Well, just like the old times, I am stuck here waiting for another new episode. It better be good and it better live up to my expectations.


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