Awkward 3×11 | Suprise!

After having watched the latest episode, I know one thing for sure, Jenna Hamilton is a total bitch, that is. She’s got everything she has always wanted and still she remains discontent. The show is totally losing its substance, no wonder the showrunner’s (Lauren Iungerich) running away already. The episode was unbearable. I was shaking my head the whole time and cursing Jenna to die.

I have to say, one thing that drew me in about the show was Jenna’s character. She is a very relatable and true character. It’s probably why the first season got so much hype. There is always that girl inside us that dreams about being with the most popular guy in school, that unquenchable thirst of being noticed by that guy. That’s what drew me in. In just a short span of time, a nobody became somebody and got two guys fighting over him. Cliché, but possible.

Here are plot points I have come to despise:

1.      Tamara gets the ex.

I can’t even begin to describe how I felt when Tamara and Jake got together. Do the writers think I am stupid? Wasn’t Jake so head-over-heels for Jenna? Wouldn’t it hurt him a little to have Jenna choose his best friend instead of him? Why the rush to make the situation less awkward? It clearly doesn’t make sense. Jake and Jenna were clearly in love (at least Jake was) and Jake was obviously betrayed so I don’t get why it was so easy for him to just let it go and move on with his ex’s best friend.

2.      Tamara is annoying.

She gets together with Jake and becomes a cheerleader (Sadie wannabe). I can’t fathom the need to make her popular! She was an adorable character as a dorky, cool best friend. It’s definitely not fun to see her throwing parties and wearing cheerleader costumes. We already have Sadie and Lisa for that, why add Tamara?

3.      Colin happened.

As much as I want to see a fresh face, I really wish he hadn’t been included in the whole drama. Adding him to break Jenna-Matty was just a pathetic plot to prolong the series. I know the writers ALWAYS do that. They always put new people to spice up the show to keep the show running but they could have at least made it clean and clever. It’s like the writers never thought about it at all! They just decided to put a mysterious hot (he’s not even remotely hot compared to Jake & Matty) in the show to create more drama.

From what I saw, Jenna isn’t really the type who would just fall out of love and cheat. Wasn’t Matty the love of her life? For heaven’s sake, she chose Matty over Jake, who was totally a better match for her (Team Jake all the way). I don’t get why they made it seem like Jenna got over the Matty hype so easily over someone like Colin. I get it, Colin is a bit more like Jenna (literature, photography, all that sh*t) but it just doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s supposed to not make sense? Maybe Jenna is supposed to be confused because she’s just 16? But hell no, if I get the man of my dreams, I sure as hell won’t cheat on him. It makes Jenna no longer relatable for most of the teenagers (at least the ones I know).

4.      Sadie’s is MIA.

If anything, I kept on watching the show because of Sadie. She’s funny, evil and very unique. Season 3 definitely lacked Sadie. I hoped they develop their character more because she’s very enjoyable to watch.


I don’t know why I went from being in love with the plot to despising every move Jenna makes. The writers have to get their sh*t together before they ruin what started off as a really good show. The show is not entertaining anymore, it makes me cringe and want to cut Jenna’s throat. To the writers, please don’t make Jenna come off as a bitch because I don’t think she is. You just lack creativity. You’re welcome.




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