The Originals vs The Vampire Diaries

Last month, The Vampire Diaries‘ spin-off The Originals aired its very first episode. As an avid fan of The Vampire Diaries, I felt compelled to watch the spin-off. The show has the same writers as The Vampire Diaries which I suppose, is a good thing. The concept of the original vampires was very much well-received by TVD viewers which led the producers to actually “fund” a spin-off. I am one of the many fans of how the original vampires spiced up TVD. It’s nice to see a whole new side of these originals, without the whole humanity drama involved in TVD. However, I don’t think it is a good idea to actually create a series that’s happening during the same timeline of TVD.

The Originals is set in the present time New Orleans while The Vampire Diaries is set, also in present time, but in Mystic Falls. This means that the characters in both series cannot cross paths which leads me to a sad conclusion: Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelson family will no longer be significant in TVD. We’re going to see less and less of them as the Season 5 progresses. I think the writers and the producers of TVD took a huge risk in removing the concept of original vampires in the plot. This concept is probably the saving grace of the show. This is what sets it apart from other vampire stories like Twilight. Now that they have started to remove that whole concept, I’m starting to doubt the TVD’s stability as a good show. The whole Silas idea is not bad but I don’t see the point of kicking off the original vampires out of the scene.

I hope that the writers made The Originals a separate show so it wouldn’t interfere with what seemed a very good plot of TVD. They could’ve made the setting years before Stefan, Elena and Damon have met the original vampires. It could showcase the original vampires’ life before the present time, probably Victorian or Elizabethan era (which I personally believe is a much better idea), that way the TVD would still have the original vampires in its plot. I know that Klaus would probably still show up in TVD at some point but I don’t think Klaroline fans will actually get what they want. I also don’t think there will be a conclusion to the whole original vampires concept when TVD ends because we still have The Originals, unless the shows both end at the same time which is highly unlikely. That, again, emphasizes my frustration about the two shows happening at the same timeline.

I am not saying The Originals is a bad show because it’s not. I think it’s interesting especially because I’ve loved these original vampires ever since. I like the idea of a show not involving much of the human turning into vampires and werewolves drama.  I just think that the show compromises TVD which is actually the main show. After all, the original vampire concept was just picked up from TVD’s plot.


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