Pretty Little Liars 4×20 : Free Fall | Ezra is A Theory 2.0

Can we all take a moment and enjoy Lucy Hale’s face before delving into the dirt of the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars?

Is it just me or is this episode one of the, if not the most, breathtaking and thrilling of all of the puzzling ones given to us by this show? The beginning has got us all hooked and it was brought to a very very interesting and scream-producing climax (a.k.a. Ezra haunting Aria in the forest scene) but, as it has always been, we’re left with even more questions (rather than answers) after watching the episode. Let me list a few:

1. So Ezra knows about Alison’s whereabouts because he’s writing a crime novel about Alison…so does that mean Ezra is not the real A?

2. Is there another A?

3. Is Mona the blond girl who showed up at Ambrose Pavilion ? If Ezra is not A then why was he trying to make Mona do stuff?

4. What is up with Mona and Mike?

5. What is going to happen to Spencer now?

6. Who’s the black gloves-wearing person who collected Ezra’s manuscript pages? Is it Ezra or it someone else?

7. How will Aria handle the truth?

Obviously, I need more than the past episodes to figure out the answers to those questions but I have formulated yet again, more theories that are yet to be confirmed or denied. Some of my previous theories are here (some of them turned out to be actually true, some are half true, some are not):




Obviously, with Aria knowing that Ezra has betrayed her all along, we’d expect a huge break on the whole Ezria love team. Despite that, I still don’t believe it is the end of Ezria (no one does). PLL is about Ezra and Aria.


Didn’t our hearts just soften and eventually melt when Ezra told Aria that he has lied about a lot of things but never to her? Let’s all take a pause and not focus on those beautiful blue eyes and think about what’s in front of us. Ezra lied to Aria about really major stuff (him knowing Alison even way before, etcc), what makes us think that he wasn’t just lying about the everything he told Aria at the ski lift? Let’s not dismiss the idea that Ezra could still be A.


Can I just reiterate what the writers have told us some time ago? is a character in the pilot episode, meaning, it cannot just be a random person who would just pop out of nowhere some time when the show is already about to end. He/She has got to be a person we’ve known all along.

It could be one of the girls : Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer

It could be one of their parents or siblings. It could be Jenna, Toby, Ian (who’s dead), Maya (who’s also dead), Wren, Melissa or Ezra, It could be actually just Alison all along, for all I care. Let me know if I missed out on anyone.

There’s really not much choices left. If it’s not Ezra, then we’re left with Melissa, Wren, Jenna, Toby, Jason, the liars and their parents.


Obviously, they have been MIA for the past season..? (I can’t really remember and I don’t want to) There are definitely unresolved issues with these two people. Does anyone even remember the Black Widow? Well, at the time, I highly believed it was Melissa but for some reason, the issue was just dismissed and we moved on to another person-of-interest.

Wren is up to something, for sure. The last time we saw him he was highly suspicious. Hopefully we get to see him before the season ends.


A lot of people speculate that Ezra would be the way for the girls to find out the real A‘s identity (with all his technology and his background of Alison, etc), I think that is just bull. If that is the real case, then the writers are bull, boo! Come up with a better plot please! Or better yet, explain why for several episodes, Ezra was shown to be a creepy stalker with double personality.


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