Pretty Little Liars 4×24 | A is for Answers | New A Theory

And we finally get answers! For what seemed like a thousand episodes, all we’ve been getting are more questions. The Season 4 finale is probably one of the best (if not the best) episodes PLL has given us so far.

Ali tells All.

If you’re active on Twitter, you’ll see the trend #alitellsall going on around especially during the last week of season 4. I was doubtful about this because in the past seasons, we’ve been told that we’d be getting answers but we actually end up asking more questions. This episode, however, legitimately answered most of our questions. The episode has eliminated possible suspects off of the list just like the possibility of A being one of the girls.

The flashbacks were indeed the highlight of the episode. It’s nice to see what actually happened the night Ali disappeared/got killed (whatever happened, although we know now that Ali is alive and that they buried a different girl).

1. Ali was hit by someone on the head the night she disappeared.

And Mrs. DiLaurentis saw who did. The question is…who? And why did she get all hysterical and try to bury her own daughter? Is the attacker someone related that she is trying to protect? Is this Jason? Is it a twin?

2. Melissa knows who killed the girl we thought was Alison.

Peter Hastings suspects that Spencer was the one who killed the girl (who they thought was Alison) but Melissa tells her dad that it wasn’t Spencer. She then  whispers to her father’s ear who did it but we don’t actually hear anything. Who the hell is this person?

3. Ezra knows who A is.

In the monumental scene at the rooftop, the girls, together with Ezra, encounter A. Ezra says I know who you are. But then he gets shot and we no longer have the opportunity to find out who A is. Judging by the strength of this person, we can definitely say that A is a guy.

4. Ezra gets shot.

I think this is the writers’ way to make Aria forgive Ezra. Ezra has done horrible things and if you think about it, it would be difficult for the writers to come up with a reason for Aria to reconcile with Ezra. I think this is the only way for Ezria to come back. Hell, of course Ezra is not dead. Caleb already left, we can’t afford losing another guy.

Fast forward to what happens next, I don’t think we will know A’s real identity even if Ezra stays alive. He could have some type of amnesia and forget about all the A details (bummer, I know).

5. Is a Wren?

It’s probably one of those out-of-this-world theories but it could be him. From this episode, we know that A is a guy. I remember the writers saying that A is a character in the pilot episode. We cross out every girl in the pilot episode, now we’re left with these people as suspects:

Toby – he was revealed to be one of A’s minions before so I don’t think it would be him.

Mr. Hastings – could be? I don’t have any reason in mind but it could be him.

Ezra – for the past seasons, I was convinced that it was him but now we know that he is not A.

Detective Wilden – he’s dead, so…no.

Wren – now we are left with Wren! He definitely had something going on when he was in Radley – which the writers have yet to explain to us what happened to him.


It’s really exhausting trying to guess so I guess we’ll just see. I think that Season 5 will be a very interesting and exciting season for everyone.


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