That Guy

We’ve always had that one person we seem to worship. Everything about him seems to be so perfect and it makes your heart ache because he probably possesses all the good things you wish you had. You wish to be as passionate as he is or as smart, as talented, as deep, as hardworking…

He’s the guy you wish to be with; the guy you think about all the time. You also spend too much time thinking about how much he is out of your league and that there is no way in the world you would get him to feel about you the way you with him.

You seem to have memorized every part of his face to the point that you can still see him even with your eyes closed. You can see him in your own mind it’s like he’s imprinted there.  You know the little details about his beautiful face – the way his eyes would narrow like little slits when he’d smile, the way his nose is sculpted, the way his lips would move whenever he would talk. You know exactly if he’s around because your ears are sensitive to his voice. You know exactly if it is him. You know the littlest things about him.  And it makes you go crazy.

You imagine what it would be like if he felt the same way you do. You think about how it would be like if you were with him. You picture the two of you together and convince yourself that it’s okay to imagine but deep down inside, you’re wishing for it to come to life.


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