UK Trip and On the Road Again sellout!

In five days, I will be traveling to UK! I cannot even believe this is happening. It is going to be my first time in Europe and I’m very stoked. I have always wanted to visit UK because I am obsessed with anything royal. Believe it or not, I still dream about being a princess and having a kingdom.

More  than that, in exactly 7 days, I will be able to watch One Direction for their Where We Are Tour! Can this vacation get any better? I feel so blessed to actually score the best tickets for their show. It’s really difficult to get good tickets in the Philippines. The tickets for their tour (On the Road Again Tour 2015) are already sold out! It’s really sad to see kids crying over the sellout because I know how much these people have waited for the boys to come to Manila. I wish the scalpers and hoarders would stop and give chance to those who actually deserve the tickets. It is such a huge bummer to see people selling the tickets for double or triple the price! Can you imagine? That is so evil of them to do. The tickets are expensive enough already.

I do hope for a 2nd day for their tour next year so that more Directioners could have a chance to see the boys. I hope that the management/promoters will do something about the scalpers and hoarders. I think it is really unfair. They should control these abusers. Knowing the Directioners, I think they would pay A LOT of money just to get tickets. Those who have connections  and extra tickets should not take advantage of this.


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