Reign 1×22 – Slaughter of Innocence

This season finale has not failed to leave us wanting more. I am so glad that the show is renewed for a second season. I am so tired of good shows getting cancelled in just its first season. I have followed this show since it started and it has definitely come a long way. For now, the battle between Frary and Mash is taking a break. I hope to see more of it in the next soon.


1. Lord Julien is not Lord Julien. He is the personal secretary of Lord Julien.

Now, I didn’t see this one coming. I have always known that this guy is hiding something. I thought he was just broke but I didn’t think he was not actually a Lord. Anyway, this leaves Lola a widow as the real Lord Julien is actually dead already.

2. Bash and Kenna are in love?

This is insane. It’s probably the only plotline that I do not like. I don’t like where this is going. I just don’t like anything about this idea. While I am a shipper for Mash, I don’t mind Mary being with Francis but I certainly MIND Bash being with one of Mary’s ladies-in-waiting. Kenna, no less. The whole thought is disgusting. Kenna used to be Bash’s father’s mistress.

3. Bash kills the Man with the Sharp Teeth.

Bash saves Kenna and Pascal from the Man with the Sharp Teeth, a pagan, who I suppose kills innocent people as sacrifice for the gods he worships. Then there is this plague thing going on all over France. A plague that is set to take the lives of many.

4. Greer refuses Leith. Leith meets another girl – Lord Castleroy’s daughter.

Leith and Greer reunite but when he offers her marriage, she refuses and he gives his you can never have me again speech. He meets a girl who turns out to be Lord Castleroy’s (Greer’s future husband) sister.

5. King Henry is killed. By Francis.

I think this is history repeating itself. We find out that King Henry killed his own brother. And then Francis killed his own father. I just hope that Francis will not go mad like his father now that he is the King of France.

I am actually sad that the character of King Henry died. I actually like him in the show. I like his plots and deceptions together with Queen Catherine.

6. Francis finds out about his child with Lola.

There is a plague in France and Francis leaves the castle to come to Lola, who is about give birth. This ended the episode. I am absolutely uncertain about how the second season would go about but I am pretty sure it would involve the bastard baby. Now that Francis is King, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be an issue about this. Will they legitimize Lola’s child? Can Mary ever bear a child?


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