The Fault In “The Fault In Our Stars” and other John Green books

I am appalled by the increasing member of the TFIOS cult. And this should not be looked upon as an offensive statement. I am just merely expressing my own opinion. It’s just like other people talking about how they hate Twilight.

The first John Green book that I read was An Abundance of Katherines and I totally hated it. When I heard of people talking about how good TFIOS is, I became curious and had second thoughts about my dislike for John Green’s books. I  decided to read TFIOS in the hopes of my prejudices being disproved. Sadly, I still didn’t like it. I also read Looking For Alaska (which probably will be the last John Green book I will ever read). It wasn’t bad. I was able to finish it without cringing. At some point, I was actually a bit interested about the characters. I think it’s the best book among the three that I have read but still not enough to say that I enjoyed it. I guess Green’s writing is just NOT my style. AT ALL.

TFIOS is not bad, at least not as bad as AAOK. I just cringe at these people who are so swooned by this book, especially by the unrealistic, almost alienish guy, Augustus Waters (Seriously? Ugh). I have read the book and I was rolling my eyes and cringing 90% of the time. Again, I’m not saying that the book is horrible. It’s not. It’s probably just me. I just totally don’t see anything special about it. It’s not something I haven’t read before. I’ve read quite a few books talking about teenagers with cancers and also dying teenagers. So my question is always WHAT THE F*CK IS THE HYPE ABOUT? 

I’ll probably just enumerate the things I don’t like to end this post.

1. Failed attempts to be deep

2. Unrealistic and non-relatable characters

3. Annoyingly long and pointless monologues

4. Sentences trying to be “quote-worthy”

5. Overly melodramatic plot – to the point that it doesn’t make sense anymore




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