Grades Define You

It’s funny how other people let little things such as numbers define them. From petty figures such as money, height, age to test scores and grades. Of course, grades would be a more appropriate example for college students, such as myself.

Perfection, may it be in the form of a 4.0 flat GPA or straight-As, is what most college students covet most. It probably stems from the idea that your college grades will define you. When you first applied to the university of your dreams, your grades defined you. And you were crushed to not have been accepted because you knew that there was more to you than a mediocre high school average. And you knew you were more deserving than half of those who got in only because they had better grades. When you try to maintain the grade so you can graduate. When you apply for jobs, no matter how much other people would deny it, employers do look at your performance when you were in college. When you apply for grad schools, med schools, law schools and many other professional schools…it seems like these figures will never really stop to haunt you. So I do believe that it is essential that we accept that these figures will forever define us. One way or another.

I say, grades really do matter. People who say otherwise are lame and intellectually arrogant. They do matter. If they don’t, everyone else could just argue that those who have high grades are no better than those with lower grades. We can all just screw formal education.

Not true.

To me, grades are a measure of a person’s hardwork, perseverance and determination as a student. Well…more or less. But I don’t believe it can ever always be a measure of one’s intelligence.

It is possible for a person with very little common sense but spends all his free time on schoolwork to have better grades than a supposedly intelligent person who’s too overconfident to even consider studying.

I have come across people who are admittedly not really very intellectual but have flawless performance in school.

I’m just saying that we can never belittle grades. They do say something about a person. And people have got to stop saying that they don’t matter and accept that in this world, mere intelligence is not enough.


One thought on “Grades Define You

  1. How do you feel about a Pass/Fail grading system? Btw, I’m the person who never had to study and graduated in the top ten of my class. I agree grades say a lot about a person, IF you take into the considerations you have, but unfortunately, most do not see beyond it. Worst still, having a degree from a college gives you a fair advantage over someone else vying for the same position as you, even though that person may be like me, a smart but lazy son of a bitch.

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