The Vampire Diaries 06×22 | I’m Thinking Of You All The While : Farewell, Nina

I was in high school when I first started watching TVD and I feel like somehow, it has become a part of my life. And it’s not that Twilight TV show. If you watch it, you know that it’s far from that bullcrap. The show actually makes sense and is very well written. After having religiously watched it for over five years, I can’t help but feel bad that Nina Dobrev has left the show. I was an emotional trainwreck watching the final episode of Season 6, because to me, the show has already come to an end. Despite it being renewed for its 7th season, I just don’t think the show will be the same without Elena Gilbert.

However, I applaud the writers for giving Nina’s character a very good closure. During the last few episodes of the season, I thought that Elena would become human and be compelled to forget all her memories with the Salvatore Brothers and vampirism. I also had the hunch that she would leave town to become a great surgeon, forgetting everything about her past. I guess the writers have more creativity than I do.

Yes, she becomes human but goes into a Sleeping Beauty phase wherein she’d only wake up once her best friend Bonnie dies (which is roughly 70-80 years to go). I think it’s the best way to finish off her character. It gives the future so much hope.

Anyway, just like with watching any of your favourite show end (although this one did not particularly end), I just feel like my life is over. What do I do now that Elena Gilbert is gone? Even though she’s been very annoying in the show, I still don’t think TVD would be TVD without that pretty girl who made two brothers fall in love with her. And it’s not just Elena Gilbert that’s gone – we also say goodbye to Katherine Pierce and Amara.


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