Why Olivia Pope Will Never Choose Jake Ballard

Scandal has got me all worked up. I’m arguing with myself about whether I am Team Olitz or Team Olake but what I am sure is that Olitz WILL BE endgame. Here’s why:

  1. We all want something we can never have.

The thrill is everything. The more we can’t have it, the more we want it. It is the feeling of anticipation that makes us want it so badly. That feeling of longing and waiting is what makes us do stupid things. That dream of making jam and walking dogs seem like such a good idea because the possibility of it happening is very little. That’s why she never stops until she gets it. They both won’t.

  1. Easy is boring.

With Jake, Olivia can run off to the sunset, stand in the sun, worry about nothing and have a happy life. She did it once when she ran away with him on that island. But of course no one wants that. No one likes it simple, at least not Olivia Pope. With Fitz, she has to put up with all the drama and scandal that come along with him being the President. She also gets the chance to sneak around in his own castle – The White House. And that makes the relationship even more satisfying. Nobody wants easy and boring relationships.

  1. We all want somebody to fix.

Jake is a man. He has his own issues. B613 happened to him, he was stuck in a hole being tortured, had people beat the crap out of him, did his job well as Command and did the job himself. After all that, he’s still a functioning human being. He moved on because he knew he had to. He might have thought of Olivia to save himself but he didn’t need to possess her in order to survive.

Fitz, on the other hand, is a weak man. He has no balls at all. Olivia runs away and he tries to kill himself? Olivia is kidnapped and he wages war? He’s the frickin president of the United States, for gods’ sake! Fitz is a boy who can’t survive without Olivia. He just has to have her and he will have her because he’s the most powerful man on the planet. Olivia wants him so bad because she made him. She put him in that Oval Office and she’s the one keeping him there. She wants someone who depends on her, someone she can take care of, someone she can fix. She is a fixer.

  1. We all want our own fairytale.

Although Olivia is a strong and independent woman, just like anyone else, she also wants her own fairytale to happen. She wants that happy ending in Vermont to happen and she believes it will if she could just wait for her perfect Prince Charming to finally get some balls.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Fitz. Tony Goldwyn is precious. But Jake Ballard is definitely the smarter choice if you’re a girl who thinks straight. But I guess that’s the point. Olivia Pope has a brilliant mind but she’s in love with Fitz so everything shouldn’t have to make sense at all. Shonda Rhimes is a genius, that’s all I can say. The flaws of these characters are what make people invested in them. These are what make us root for them.


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