Growing Up

This year marks the end of everything juvenile about myself. This year, I will have finished my Bachelor’s Degree, hence, my research. I’ll also have hopefully found a job before getting into a Grad school (if ever I will get into any). This will happen in a span of more or less 10 weeks. I don’t think time’s moving too fast. I think it’s just moving at the right pace. For the past 19 years, my life has been moving too slowly for my liking and I think a little bit of fast forward won’t hurt.

I am going to try to be less pessimistic and negative from this year on. I’ve been mistaking pessimism for being realistic and I’ve lost balance. I realized that ranting about stuff I can’t change is very counterproductive and unhealthy. If people are pissing me off, it’s their problem of being pains in the ass, it’s not something I should be fussing about. Surrounding myself with negative people is something I’d also like to do away with. Nothing good ever comes from being negative.

I’m going to save more money, too. I’ll cut back on my Italian food and Starbucks; try to be healthier. I’m not getting any younger anyway.


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