Does Nationality Still Matter?

I guess I will just have to say what I have to say on here because Twitter’s 140 characters can’t quite cut it. 

The National Elections is almost here. I’m definitely not the most educated voter but I try to at least make sense of what I hear and see in the news. Yet, still, I am undecided. 

Being constantly on Facebook has got me reading a whole bunch of anti Grace Poe posts. I am not a fan. I certainly have my own reservations about her just like with the other presidentiables. But just recently, I couldn’t help but wonder why nationality even matters right now. 

Nothing’s been proven yet but let’s say Poe is not Filipino by blood or by paper. Whatever. Why does it matter anyway? The past presidents were definitely Filipinos. Marcos, PNoy, Janet Napoles and every politician stealing from the Filipino people are all Filipinos! 

Honestly, I couldn’t care less of a president’s nationality. If one cares enough and is genuinely concerned about the country and its people and has the capacity to better it, I don’t see why his country of birth and parents’ identity should even be an issue. 

I’m not saying I will vote for Grace Poe. I’m saying that there are so much more important matters to consider when it comes to voting for a president. I don’t think nationality should be on top of the list. 


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