Halfway The 1st Sem in Med School

They weren’t kidding when they said that med school entails sacrifice. You’ll never really know what the word means until you’re exactly in that position

It doesn’t just ask you to give up so much of your time (actually, ALL of your time) to study.

It asks you to give up the time you usally set aside for the ones you care about. Yes, if you’re good with time management, you can still see them but not as much as you’re used to.

It also asks you to be loyal. It should be your only focus, nothing else.

It asks you to stay out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t just ask you to come out of your comfort zone, it asks you to never go back there. Med school can be fun, yes, you can still do other fun things, but not as much as you’re used to. You can never go back to the time when you still had complete sleep before a major exam in college; to the time when you can just listen to a lecture and pass an exam without extra effort on your part, just functioning ears and a bit of logic and analytical skills.

All of those days are gone. You may be thinking, in a couple of years this will be over and my life can go back to what it was. NO. By the time “it’s over” (believe me, there’s no such thing as it’s over once you started it), you’re already past your walwal days. You can never get those years back. That is why you should really really want this enough.

Med school is not for the weak. Truly, it’s only for those who can’t imagine themselves doing something else. Had I been passionate about something else, I wouldn’t have thought of entering med school.


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