The Problem With Being An Independent Learner

Lectures suck. No matter how attentive I am, by the time I leave the room, 2-hour worth lecture is down the drain. It also doesn’t help when I am seated at the very back of a lecture room.

It used to work back in college when students never exceeded 40. But in med school, to me it’s pretty much a waste of time.

It’s not like the only things that will pop up in the exam are the ones being said the lecture. NO. You always have to read the book. So why bother listening to a powerpoint slide narration of your lecturer? Why can’t they just give out the powerpoints at the beginning of the semester and be done with it? Seriously! US med schools do it, and I’m pretty sure the quality of their produced physicians is the same if not better.

What is the deal with making attendance mandatory? Come on! Not everyone can learn in a room filled with at least 100 people. Not everyone can be an auditory learner. I, for one, learn best when reading or watching a video. Lectures just make me want to rip my head off of my body and throw it into the ocean. It’s a waste of time and energy.

Group discussions are great. Let’s leave the attendance-based grading there. Plus written exams, of course. But lectures just waste my time. It even makes my butt big. A lot of studies have proven that attention span of most people is very short! Why make us suffer from sitting in lectures?

I would be glad if med school was mostly home study and the only time I need to go meet up with other students is during group discussions and presentations.


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