Why Emma Watson Ruined Beauty and The Beast For Me

I totally get the reason for her being casted as Belle. She’s clearly a real-life Belle – beautiful, educated, sophisticated, strong and independent. She’s definitely a good role model. BUT…the movie is a musical.

Everything about the movie was perfect, from cinematography, casting to script. However, when Emma Watson started singing I just felt very uneasy in my seat, I was cringing every time I heard that heavy autotune quality I’m quite familiar with from playing around with Garageband. Clearly, her editor had a hard time trying to hide it’s actually autotuned. It wasn’t even subtle autotune, it’s too much. They weren’t even trying hard to conceal it. It’s smack-in-your-face autotune.

I love Emma Watson (maybe not as much as other Potterheads do) but I just think her voice ruined the movie for me. It wasn’t really singing when she was doing it (especially during the first part of the movie). She merely spoke in a musical voice.

If they wanted Belle to sing, they could’ve just hired someone else to sing for her part, I really wouldn’t have mind. They could’ve at least blended hers with another singer’s voice (a la Zac Efron & Drew Seeley in HSM).



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