Why Emma Watson Ruined Beauty and The Beast For Me

I totally get the reason for her being casted as Belle. She’s clearly a real-life Belle – beautiful, educated, sophisticated, strong and independent. She’s definitely a good role model. BUT…the movie is a musical.

Everything about the movie was perfect, from cinematography, casting to script. However, when Emma Watson started singing I just felt very uneasy in my seat, I was cringing every time I heard that heavy autotune quality I’m quite familiar with from playing around with Garageband. Clearly, her editor had a hard time trying to hide it’s actually autotuned. It wasn’t even subtle autotune, it’s too much. They weren’t even trying hard to conceal it. It’s smack-in-your-face autotune.

I love Emma Watson (maybe not as much as other Potterheads do) but I just think her voice ruined the movie for me. It wasn’t really singing when she was doing it (especially during the first part of the movie). She merely spoke in a musical voice.

If they wanted Belle to sing, they could’ve just hired someone else to sing for her part, I really wouldn’t have mind. They could’ve at least blended hers with another singer’s voice (a la Zac Efron & Drew Seeley in HSM).



Why Olivia Pope Will Never Choose Jake Ballard

Scandal has got me all worked up. I’m arguing with myself about whether I am Team Olitz or Team Olake but what I am sure is that Olitz WILL BE endgame. Here’s why:

  1. We all want something we can never have.

The thrill is everything. The more we can’t have it, the more we want it. It is the feeling of anticipation that makes us want it so badly. That feeling of longing and waiting is what makes us do stupid things. That dream of making jam and walking dogs seem like such a good idea because the possibility of it happening is very little. That’s why she never stops until she gets it. They both won’t.

  1. Easy is boring.

With Jake, Olivia can run off to the sunset, stand in the sun, worry about nothing and have a happy life. She did it once when she ran away with him on that island. But of course no one wants that. No one likes it simple, at least not Olivia Pope. With Fitz, she has to put up with all the drama and scandal that come along with him being the President. She also gets the chance to sneak around in his own castle – The White House. And that makes the relationship even more satisfying. Nobody wants easy and boring relationships.

  1. We all want somebody to fix.

Jake is a man. He has his own issues. B613 happened to him, he was stuck in a hole being tortured, had people beat the crap out of him, did his job well as Command and did the job himself. After all that, he’s still a functioning human being. He moved on because he knew he had to. He might have thought of Olivia to save himself but he didn’t need to possess her in order to survive.

Fitz, on the other hand, is a weak man. He has no balls at all. Olivia runs away and he tries to kill himself? Olivia is kidnapped and he wages war? He’s the frickin president of the United States, for gods’ sake! Fitz is a boy who can’t survive without Olivia. He just has to have her and he will have her because he’s the most powerful man on the planet. Olivia wants him so bad because she made him. She put him in that Oval Office and she’s the one keeping him there. She wants someone who depends on her, someone she can take care of, someone she can fix. She is a fixer.

  1. We all want our own fairytale.

Although Olivia is a strong and independent woman, just like anyone else, she also wants her own fairytale to happen. She wants that happy ending in Vermont to happen and she believes it will if she could just wait for her perfect Prince Charming to finally get some balls.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Fitz. Tony Goldwyn is precious. But Jake Ballard is definitely the smarter choice if you’re a girl who thinks straight. But I guess that’s the point. Olivia Pope has a brilliant mind but she’s in love with Fitz so everything shouldn’t have to make sense at all. Shonda Rhimes is a genius, that’s all I can say. The flaws of these characters are what make people invested in them. These are what make us root for them.

Pretty Little Liars | Who is ChArles?

We’ve come a long way since the first reveal of the identity of the one in the black hoodie – Mona. There came Lucas, Toby, Ezra, and even Spencer! For the past five seasons, I felt like we were never really close to finding out who this A is but Season 6 gave us hope.

Season 5 was full of bullcrap, IMO. I’m glad that this season somehow redeemed that. A is given an identity. He’s Alison’s lost brother.

I really feel like Ezra being A was the best way to go but I guess the writers felt like it would be better to go with another direction. Make A someone related to Alison, just like in the books. They also are making us think that this A is Rhys. Where the hell did this guy come from? Again, I am going to make my guess based on the writers’ statement years ago that A is someone who appeared in the Pilot episode, ergo, it cannot be Rhys. If it is him, then the writers lack creativity and consistency and are full of shit.

I’m positive it’s WREN. His looks can definitely pass as a DiLaurentis. He’s got the motives (I think) and he’s always seemed a little bit weird (although handsome) to me. Apart from those things, I really can’t think of any reason why he’d be ChArles. Still, I believe it’s him. I hope it’s him.

The Vampire Diaries 06×22 | I’m Thinking Of You All The While : Farewell, Nina

I was in high school when I first started watching TVD and I feel like somehow, it has become a part of my life. And it’s not that Twilight TV show. If you watch it, you know that it’s far from that bullcrap. The show actually makes sense and is very well written. After having religiously watched it for over five years, I can’t help but feel bad that Nina Dobrev has left the show. I was an emotional trainwreck watching the final episode of Season 6, because to me, the show has already come to an end. Despite it being renewed for its 7th season, I just don’t think the show will be the same without Elena Gilbert.

However, I applaud the writers for giving Nina’s character a very good closure. During the last few episodes of the season, I thought that Elena would become human and be compelled to forget all her memories with the Salvatore Brothers and vampirism. I also had the hunch that she would leave town to become a great surgeon, forgetting everything about her past. I guess the writers have more creativity than I do.

Yes, she becomes human but goes into a Sleeping Beauty phase wherein she’d only wake up once her best friend Bonnie dies (which is roughly 70-80 years to go). I think it’s the best way to finish off her character. It gives the future so much hope.

Anyway, just like with watching any of your favourite show end (although this one did not particularly end), I just feel like my life is over. What do I do now that Elena Gilbert is gone? Even though she’s been very annoying in the show, I still don’t think TVD would be TVD without that pretty girl who made two brothers fall in love with her. And it’s not just Elena Gilbert that’s gone – we also say goodbye to Katherine Pierce and Amara.

Reign 1×22 – Slaughter of Innocence

This season finale has not failed to leave us wanting more. I am so glad that the show is renewed for a second season. I am so tired of good shows getting cancelled in just its first season. I have followed this show since it started and it has definitely come a long way. For now, the battle between Frary and Mash is taking a break. I hope to see more of it in the next soon.


1. Lord Julien is not Lord Julien. He is the personal secretary of Lord Julien.

Now, I didn’t see this one coming. I have always known that this guy is hiding something. I thought he was just broke but I didn’t think he was not actually a Lord. Anyway, this leaves Lola a widow as the real Lord Julien is actually dead already.

2. Bash and Kenna are in love?

This is insane. It’s probably the only plotline that I do not like. I don’t like where this is going. I just don’t like anything about this idea. While I am a shipper for Mash, I don’t mind Mary being with Francis but I certainly MIND Bash being with one of Mary’s ladies-in-waiting. Kenna, no less. The whole thought is disgusting. Kenna used to be Bash’s father’s mistress.

3. Bash kills the Man with the Sharp Teeth.

Bash saves Kenna and Pascal from the Man with the Sharp Teeth, a pagan, who I suppose kills innocent people as sacrifice for the gods he worships. Then there is this plague thing going on all over France. A plague that is set to take the lives of many.

4. Greer refuses Leith. Leith meets another girl – Lord Castleroy’s daughter.

Leith and Greer reunite but when he offers her marriage, she refuses and he gives his you can never have me again speech. He meets a girl who turns out to be Lord Castleroy’s (Greer’s future husband) sister.

5. King Henry is killed. By Francis.

I think this is history repeating itself. We find out that King Henry killed his own brother. And then Francis killed his own father. I just hope that Francis will not go mad like his father now that he is the King of France.

I am actually sad that the character of King Henry died. I actually like him in the show. I like his plots and deceptions together with Queen Catherine.

6. Francis finds out about his child with Lola.

There is a plague in France and Francis leaves the castle to come to Lola, who is about give birth. This ended the episode. I am absolutely uncertain about how the second season would go about but I am pretty sure it would involve the bastard baby. Now that Francis is King, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be an issue about this. Will they legitimize Lola’s child? Can Mary ever bear a child?

Pretty Little Liars 4×24 | A is for Answers | New A Theory

And we finally get answers! For what seemed like a thousand episodes, all we’ve been getting are more questions. The Season 4 finale is probably one of the best (if not the best) episodes PLL has given us so far.

Ali tells All.

If you’re active on Twitter, you’ll see the trend #alitellsall going on around especially during the last week of season 4. I was doubtful about this because in the past seasons, we’ve been told that we’d be getting answers but we actually end up asking more questions. This episode, however, legitimately answered most of our questions. The episode has eliminated possible suspects off of the list just like the possibility of A being one of the girls.

The flashbacks were indeed the highlight of the episode. It’s nice to see what actually happened the night Ali disappeared/got killed (whatever happened, although we know now that Ali is alive and that they buried a different girl).

1. Ali was hit by someone on the head the night she disappeared.

And Mrs. DiLaurentis saw who did. The question is…who? And why did she get all hysterical and try to bury her own daughter? Is the attacker someone related that she is trying to protect? Is this Jason? Is it a twin?

2. Melissa knows who killed the girl we thought was Alison.

Peter Hastings suspects that Spencer was the one who killed the girl (who they thought was Alison) but Melissa tells her dad that it wasn’t Spencer. She then  whispers to her father’s ear who did it but we don’t actually hear anything. Who the hell is this person?

3. Ezra knows who A is.

In the monumental scene at the rooftop, the girls, together with Ezra, encounter A. Ezra says I know who you are. But then he gets shot and we no longer have the opportunity to find out who A is. Judging by the strength of this person, we can definitely say that A is a guy.

4. Ezra gets shot.

I think this is the writers’ way to make Aria forgive Ezra. Ezra has done horrible things and if you think about it, it would be difficult for the writers to come up with a reason for Aria to reconcile with Ezra. I think this is the only way for Ezria to come back. Hell, of course Ezra is not dead. Caleb already left, we can’t afford losing another guy.

Fast forward to what happens next, I don’t think we will know A’s real identity even if Ezra stays alive. He could have some type of amnesia and forget about all the A details (bummer, I know).

5. Is a Wren?

It’s probably one of those out-of-this-world theories but it could be him. From this episode, we know that A is a guy. I remember the writers saying that A is a character in the pilot episode. We cross out every girl in the pilot episode, now we’re left with these people as suspects:

Toby – he was revealed to be one of A’s minions before so I don’t think it would be him.

Mr. Hastings – could be? I don’t have any reason in mind but it could be him.

Ezra – for the past seasons, I was convinced that it was him but now we know that he is not A.

Detective Wilden – he’s dead, so…no.

Wren – now we are left with Wren! He definitely had something going on when he was in Radley – which the writers have yet to explain to us what happened to him.


It’s really exhausting trying to guess so I guess we’ll just see. I think that Season 5 will be a very interesting and exciting season for everyone.

The Selfish Things I Will Do If I Become A Vampire

Imagine the Salvatore Brothers cornering you in a dark alleyway – they want your blood and they are giving you something in exchange – immortality. What would be the first thing you would do if you had all the time in the world?

I know that vampirism is sensationalized by media and literature nowadays. No sane person would actually want to suck life out of other people, right? (Right?) Even if it means being able to live forever. But it’s fun to think about being in a vampire’s shoes.

So, what would you do? In the context of The Vampire Diaries wherein vampires have immortality, extraordinary strength, the ability to compel humans, it would be very possible to achieve world peace, end world hunger and all that….but think of the selfish things.

1. I will travel the world.
It would be very possible for me to travel the world. I would have no fear of going to places that are so strange to me because I’m invincible. I’d just compel the cabin crew to get me a seat in their First Class cabin and attend to all my needs.

2. I will study in the best universities.
#nerdalert No kidding. I’ve always wanted to study in universities I just see in the movies. Not everyone actually has money and enough brain cells to survive Harvard or Johns Hopkins. Aside from that, if I had all the time in the world, I can get a lot (A LOT) of degrees and masterals and doctorates! Living the dream!

3. I will stalk my favorite celebrities.
No shame. I’m really curious about Hollywood celebrities’ real life. I don’t mean Kardashian crap. I mean like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daily family life or maybe watch Zayn Malik sleep…I don’t know?!

4. I will drive the heck out of a sportscar.
I’ve always wondered what sportscars are doing in traffic-jammed highways. You wouldn’t get a lot of use out of them anyway but if you don’t fear death, you can drive a Maserati 150mph without even breaking a sweat.

5. Talk to random people.
I just want to talk to different kinds of people and make them reveal to me their deepest and darkest secrets. Sometimes the kind-looking ones have the darkest souls..